You are either creative or cautious. There is no such thing as creative cautious. 

On a mission to help your business shine online

The path to where I am today was long, difficult and filled with failures.

I draw on over a decade of digital experience. I built my first website at the age of 13. After high school, I joined a private bank and was responsible for selling credit cards. Built a network.

The magical moment happened when a prospect who had a web hosting business asked me if I can design him a logo. Then he gave me a part time role. I kept on learning by doing. Those were the days when MIRC chat room was an effective channel to connect with other people. A very young guy introduced me to the concept of freelancing.

The next day, I registered a domain name and started putting together content for the website.

By the time I was 16, my design skills had enhanced so much that I started helping small businesses with their web presence.

At 4M Designers, I created, developed and managed digital marketing projects for many of local and international companies, startups including: Mercedes-Benz, ICI Pakistan Ltd, Avari Hotels, United Energy Pakistan, Imran Khan Cancer Appeal, SIUT, International Steels, Mandviwalla and Zafar, Karachi Grammar School, Eton Shirts and Burj Bank, to name a few.

I immersed myself in SEO and content marketing. With my background in digital marketing, it didn’t take me long to bring 4M Designers to the number one spot for highly competitive keywords including web design company, web design pakistan and web design services. Since then 4M has been getting leads without any marketing spend.

In Oct 2013, I ventured into social entrepreneurship by launching, which is Pakistan’s first and the largest community of professional women, mentors and companies.

I have been successful in bringing top companies as clients for including: Nestlé, Maersk Line, Telenor, British Council, Oxford Policy Management, Coca Cola, to name a few. Organizations including Enclude, Octara, PSTD, Islamabad Women’s Chamber and Google’s GBG Women have relied on’s targeted reach on social media for various outreach activities, workshops and events.

I am a vocal advocate on women’s empowerment initiatives in Pakistan and committed to testing new models to incorporate women into the workplace, and have been a panelist at various initiatives supporting women’s inclusion in the workplace such the Creating Space for Women in the Workplace seminar organized by Embassy of the United States of America.

My work at has been featured by Tech in Asia, Express Tribune, The Solutions Journal and The CSR Association of Pakistan.

In May 2015, GIST, led by the U.S. Department of State shortlisted as a semi-finalist.

I’m also a mentor at Cherie Blair Foundation For Women.

But more than anything else, I want to be known as Abdullah, Fatima and Safiya’s dad. The super man of their lives who not only inspires and motivates them but pushes them to experiment and make a mark in this world.